Nest Removal

Hornet and wasp nests can contain huge numbers of bees and if not handled properly can also lead to a trip to the ER. Our technicians wear bee suits and have successfully handled hundreds of nest removals. We will treat the nest and remove it the that same day. Also, we will leave residual spray where the nest was to insure that no bees will nest in that area.

Spot Treatment

You may have 1 or 2 small nests that are located on the outside of your home and aren’t interested in long term contracts that other companies try to force upon you.  Spot treatments deal with a one-time situation that is guaranteed to be taken care of without the hidden contract.  We will also spray where the nest was located to help prevent other stinging insects from building in that location.  Our spot treatments are a very popular form of extermination when it comes to wasps and bald faced hornets.

Stinging Insect Control for Yard Parties

Weddings and graduations are always an important event in our lives, unfortunately stinging insects can ruined that special day.  Stinging insects can come from long distances in search of food, our spray treatments are not always 100% effective but it will greatly reduce if not eliminate your concerns.  This treatment will need to be done a few days prior to the party and often includes a follow up treatment a few hours before the party.  Don’t let stinging insects ruin your special event.  Call us today and schedule a pest control treatment for your stinging insects.

Honey Bees in walls

If you suddenly notice a steady stream of bees on the outside of your home and a buzzing sound on the inside you may have a serious problem.  Honey bees need to be extracted from your home, often times that means removing the queen bee and taking the colony with us.  After the colony is removed the wall must be opened to remove the honey comb to prevent other honey bees and insects from being attracted to that area.  This can often be a big project and should not be done by a homeowner or on your own!

Wasps and yellow jackets in a wall void or crack

Have you sprayed to prevent yellow jackets from living in a crack or void and they just keep coming back time after time? This can be a frustrating ordeal for any homeowner. Advanced Wildlife Control has developed their own trap designed to destroy the whole colony of bees. After the colony is destroyed we will come back and seal off the hole so they won’t be back next year.  In some cases we may have to put holes in walls to remove the entire colony.

Hornet, Wasp, Yellow Jacket, and all other Stinging Insect Protection and Prevention

If you constantly have bees nesting in your attic vents, soffits, fascia, and eaves you may want us to come out and treat these areas before the bees begin to build nests.  Prevention is the best way to insure that they will not nest during the summer months! Our home pest protection program might be the best option for you.  Call us today to receive more information about our program.