The adult mud dauber is about a 3/4 to 1 inch long wasp, it varies in color by species from a dull black to black with bright yellow markings to an iridescent blue-black. The best identifying feature is the longer, narrow “waist” that is located between the thorax and abdomen. Their diet is mainly eating other insects.

Mud daubers build small nests in eaves, often attics, soffits, and other areas of residential and commercial buildings.


Mud daubers are a solitary wasp species and although they are capable of stinging, they are rarely aggressive. Advanced Wildlife and Pest Control usually finds a large amount of mud dauber nests located in homeowners’ attics.  We can remove these nests and treat these areas at your request.

Did you know? If you see a large quantity of mud dauber nests close together, that usually is just the work of one female.